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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

So, I got the book Saturday and finished Sunday. Here are my thoughts on this wonderful piece of fiction.

This book was probably the best one from the series and I am so sad it's ended. It was like an emotional roller coaster. I cried twice while reading, one of those times I was sobbing. I cried when I read that Remus had died because he was really the only link Harry had to his parents. My friend and I were talking the night before the book came out about who could possibly die. We started talking about what would happen if Lupin died. I said that if he died, Harry would have an emotional breakdown because Lupin is the only one Harry could really talk to about his parents. It was also heartbreaking because of their baby and they barely got to spend time with him.

I am really, really upset that Snape died. When I read that scene, I was completely stunned. I really wish JKR hadn't kill him because he was one of my favorite characters and I think it would have been interesting to here him tell his story instead of watching the memories. But at least we learned the truth behind Severus. Also, when I read the scene in the Epilogue when Harry says "Albus Severus", my heart skipped because that was probably the sweetest thing and, I think, a way for Harry to show that he had forgiven Severus and would always remember him.

I also can't believe that Fred died. I mean, you can't separate Fred and George; it just shouldn't happen. What is George going to do now that his brother is dead?

I loved the scene where Harry rescued Draco. Total D/H moment there when Harry just scooped Draco up and had him hold on to him on the broomstick.

I thought it was interesting how Draco's parents were so in favor of Voldemort and his ideas in the begining, but in the end the only thing they cared about was their son.

The scene where I was sobbing was when Harry was walking to his death with his family. I was just bawling at that point because it seemed that Harry would die and I just did not want to accept that. I was crying so hard I couldn't read and of the words. That scene was, I think, the most moving scene from the entire story. Harry just completely accepts his death and welcomes it because he knows it's the only way to kill Voldemort.

I think the epilogue would have been better if it was Draco that Harry married and it was their children they were sending off; but we can only imagine it differently.

So those are my thoughts on this magnificent work of writing and I hope you enjoyed reading them.
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